Jeter the Villian?

Rumors run amuck, but from what I’ve sorted out, the Yankees have offered Derek Jeter a three-year $45 million contract. For the record, Derek Jeter is 36 years old and coming off a .270, 10HR season. Derek Jeter and co. have reportedly countered with six years, $150 million. That’s $25 million per year for six years! He’d be 42 at the end of that contract.

Adam Dunn–who at this point is clearly a better baseball player than Derek Jeter–is seeking a four year, $60 million deal. That’s one year less and $10 million less per year. While Dunn’s request is a lot of money, it highlights the absurdity of Jeter’s request.

Jeter’s camp seems to believe he should get paid for his past contributions rather than what he will do over the duration of the new contract. I wonder if they realize that the New York Yankees have paid Derek Jeter over $20 million for the last five years. Brian Cashman rightly told them to test the market. I would be totally shocked and astounded if anybody can top the Yankees’ $45 million offer, and I fully expect Camp Jeter to come back and take something very close to that offer.

I imagine the Red Sox and Giants would consider offering Jeter a contract, but I doubt either could top the Yankees’ offer. The Red Sox would love to spite the Yankees, but would hate to overpay simply for that reason. The Giants simply don’t have the money to match the Yankees. Hank Steinbrenner hit the nail on the head when he said the Yankees don’t “owe anybody anything monetarily“, and If Jeter isn’t careful he may lose his spot as the most revered man in sports.

Lastly, I have to give a big kudos to Brian Cashman for making a very solid offer and refusing to be pushed around.

It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. What’s you’re take?


2 thoughts on “Jeter the Villian?

  1. It’s official. The Yankees signed Derek Jeter. Looks like they gave him a small salary boost so it wouldn’t look like he came crawling back, but they didn’t come close to meeting his over the top expectations.
    3 years with an average of 17 million if you include the buyout after the 3rd year. He could get a fourth year, but part of that is incentive based.

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