Venting On Clemson

Clemson Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips’s emotional, passionate, cool, trendy, thoughtless, easy, and wrong hire of Dabo Swinney is looking worse and worse as Dabo once again led Clemson into a road environment and left winless. Alumni Stadium in Boston was quiet and half empty just like Clemson’s offense.

Props to Kevin Steele though whose defense kept Clemson in the game and who is Clemson’s most accomplished football coach. In fact Kevin Steele’s defense got into the end zone more than Offensive Coordinator Billy Napier’s offense (once on a pick 6 vs. zero for the offense).

Clemson falls to 4-4, but no worries. Terry Don Phillips will complete his contract and term as Athletic Director and retire on a lovely pension in a few years and Dabo will stick around to lead Clemson in some super cool television commercials and make up some more cool catch phrases like “all in.”


2 thoughts on “Venting On Clemson

  1. Dude, your comments are right on the money. I wish the outcry against Terry Don Phillips and Dabo would get louder. Sadly, I see the Clemson program headed toward the gutter, and to add insult to injury the USC program seems to be ascending. Please keep up with this blog and hopefully enlighten many of the ignorant blind Dabo followers. Thank you for your site.

  2. Thanks. I wish it was not so, but if you look at things without the orange tinted classes it is really pretty obvious.
    I see USC now better than us in football and baseball. Football is really the only other program that people watch…aside from maybe soccer which they’re also better than us at.

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