Clemson…Where nobody gets fired: Follow-up

After a weekend of Clemson athletics we learned that maybe the soccer team is coming around and maybe the football team won’t.

Where Credit’s Deserved

First year men’s soccer coach Mike Noonan coached Clemson to a draw with #11 Boston College. It felt like a loss because Clemson scored early and BC scored the equalizer somewhat late. Adding to the sour taste is the fact that BC played a man down for a large portion of the second half and both overtimes, yet Clemson was unable to score. Still, a draw with a ranked opponent is progress. Coach Noonan may have been a good hire by Terry Don Phillips.

Where Blame’s Deserved

Let’s be totally honest. The Clemson football team is more important than all the other sports combined. So TDP’s botched extension and fire of Tommy Bowden followed by the promotion of Dabo Swinney are all the most important. After Dabo lost another road game, Clemson’s road record during his tenure dropped to 4-6. Dabo dropped to 15-11, that’s worse than a 8-4 pace. Reason for optimism? Give me some!

On a day when rival South Carolina beat #1 Alabama, Clemson had to beat UNC and avoid dropping to 0-2 in conference play. Dabo couldn’t do it.  At some point will the board of trustees get fed up with falling short? Read my last article for my personal opinion.


3 thoughts on “Clemson…Where nobody gets fired: Follow-up

  1. Resurrecting this thread…
    Just for a little salt in the wound, it would seem that you’ll have to deal with your buddy TDP a while longer….

    Sorry guys – I really do want Clemson to be a powerhouse – with the ACC Championship in Charlotte (hopefully for many more years to come, but at least one more) I would love to enjoy the thrill of a VT vs. Clemson matchup in both of the schools’ collective backyard. Plus, since the ‘rents live in Charlotte, it would make for one heck of a fun game night. Under 5 hours combined driving time for both schools to make it to the game? Please, that would be the ACCCG of all ACCCGs! Oh well, here’s hoping that your football improves, and you cream South Florida this year.

  2. I think the real reason they didn’t fire him is because they can’t afford to pay Bowden, Dabo, TDP, and a new AD. After 2012 they may get a new head coach and will need big money to fix Clemson.

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