First Blog Post

Welcome to Ryan’s Rants and Tommy’s Tirades! Despite the scary name, this blog won’t be all arguments and the name may change shortly.

So, Tommy Dianora and I (Ryan Kantor) will be sharing a blog. I was born in California to New Yorker parents and grew up in the south, so I am proud to say I am completely and totally regionally neutral.

We’ll be blogging about some things we’re passionate about. For starters, we’re both passionate about writing which is reason A for creating a blog. We’ll dabble in random topics, but for the most part we’ll talk about sports, music, and politics.

Tommy and I are both Yankees and Lakers fans (and yes if you’re from Boston we are better than you). We are also both heading into our Senior years at Clemson University in South Carolina. The fans in Clemson are crazy optimistic and while it seems that Clemson is never good enough to justify it, the fans show more passion than just about any other university fan base.

As far as music, I’m a big fan of alternative rock like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rooney, and Something Corporate. Tommy is into some weird stuff, not really. Tommy can tell you everything about hard and classic rock and I’m sure we’ll get into a music debate that we hope someone else will chime in on at some point. What we do agree on is that rap and this wave of pop (i.e., Katy Perry and the sort) are much more popular than deserved and I am sure Tommy would say it not so kindly.

I don’t know how much we’ll be talking about politics but I insisted we include it as a topic. Tommy is a self-proclaimed moderate independent, but I call him a liberal. That may be because I am rather fiscally conservative. I’m very curious who will prevail in tomorrow’s GA Republican runoff. It seems Handel will beat Deal, but time will tell.

So that’s the rundown. Now I have to wake up early for the GMAT test tomorrow so wish me luck. I’m going to sleep to the sweet, sweet voice of Sean Hannity.




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