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March Madness vs Bowl Season, a Debate for the Ages

With March Madness right around the corner, and hearing it from UNC and Wake fans here in North Carolina it got me thinking, is March Madness really the best postseason in sports? It’s certainly better than the NBA’s postseason, few would dispute that, but what about Major League Baseball? What about the college bowl season? … Continue reading

Thanking Our College Athletes – Guest Blog Post

I was recently contacted by DegreeJungle.com and asked if one of their writers could compose guest post on my blog. Always looking for more content, I jumped on the idea. They’ve contributed a piece on college athletes and the challenges and stereotypes they face. Of course, let’s be fair and note that these stereotypes don’t come from thin … Continue reading

Ranking the SEC Football Programs: The Decade Ahead

Just after my post reminiscing of the days of yesteryear, when I had a co-blogger, it appears as though I may have a regular contributor now. As promised, our SEC expert, Big Fudge, is back with his look at the “Decade Ahead” in the SEC. Enjoy the read, and please notice just how low those pesky, vile, appalling  despicable, … Continue reading

How The ACC Could Realign Divisions To Preserve Tradition

Now that I got what I wanted with Louisville replacing Maryland in the ACC (a big upgrade), I’ve have more on my ACC Christmas list, the perfect divisional alignment. Shortly after it was announced that Louisville was invited to the conference, Commissioner John Swofford added that the Cardinals would be assigned to the Atlantic Division and … Continue reading