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How Do Some Universities Succeed in Their ‘Other’ Sports?

I have been very frustrated with Clemson basketball this season. When I was a student, sell-outs were assumed and we never missed the tournament. Now we can’t even fill Littlejohn for games against Georgia Tech. It’s mind-boggling, because even when our now glorious football program sunk to 6-7, butts were still in seats. So I … Continue reading


Ranking the SEC Football Programs: The Decade Ahead

Just after my post reminiscing of the days of yesteryear, when I had a co-blogger, it appears as though I may have a regular contributor now. As promised, our SEC expert, Big Fudge, is back with his look at the “Decade Ahead” in the SEC. Enjoy the read, and please notice just how low those pesky, vile, appalling  despicable, … Continue reading