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Presidential Debate Jostling

Over 67 million people watched the first Presidential debate on Tuesday night. After writing about how many Americans should choose not to vote because they have failed to inform themselves of the key issues and can’t even cite simple facts like what the branches of government comprise our republic, I was impressed with the big … Continue reading

The Next New Tax May Just Be The ‘Spite Tax’

Back in 2008, candidate Obama was debating Hillary Clinton on the subject of increasing the capital gains tax rate. Barack Obama was for increasing the tax rate. Hillary wasn’t so sure. The moderator succinctly explained that increases in the capital gains rate (due to its inverse relationship with economic activity) actually lead to decreases in … Continue reading

Rick Santorum Concedes to Mitt Romney, Allows Party to Unite

Rick Santorum, largely for family reasons, has suspended his campaign. It comes just at the moment when it became clear that continuing on would be fruitless. Romney has the money, organization, and delegates to make a Santorum comeback unrealistic. Kudos to Santorum for fighting so valiantly for so long despite being outgunned by candidates with more money and … Continue reading

Santorum Sweeps Three States, Reframes Race

Last night (Tuesday, Feb 7th) was another game changer in a wild race for the GOP nomination. Newt Gingrich had his big night back in South Carolina, then lost momentum as Romney won Florida and Nevada back-to-back. Santorum though, never really had his time. His win in Iowa wasn’t known until after the votes were … Continue reading