Is Rand Paul Positioning Himself for a Presidential Run?

Yes, yes he is. 

For politicians, there is often a moment that sparks political momentum. For Calvin Coolidge, it was his handling of a police strike while he was the Governor of Massachusetts. He stood up to the union, and fired all the Boston police for abandoning the city and letting it fall into chaos. His steely edge ignited his national political run in the 1920s, leading to a Vice Presidential nomination, victory alongside Warren Harding,  and eventually one-and-a-half terms as the President of the United States.

Rand Paul, sure not to miss his “Boston Police Strike,” held a 13-hour filibuster in Senate to call attention to the administration’s memo that states “that the president can suspend the Fifth Amendment without submitting evidence to court, without congressional oversight, and without making it’s legal reasoning available to the public.” More simply, President Obama can use unmanned drones to kill Americans without trial. Angered by this, Rand Paul pressured the Attorney General to clarify that he cannot kill an American on American soil without a trial. The Attorney General admitted such. Agree or disagree, many conservatives–not big government Republican Lindsey Graham–rallied around Rand Paul.

More recently, the unfortunate news about the Associated Press scandal broke. Evidently, Attorney General Eric Holder directed the seizure of phone records of a Fox News reporter and many AP reporters. Following this story, was the leak that such “snooping” was happening on a much bigger scale courtesy of the NSA and the Patriot Act. Phone and email records of millions of Americans have been collected without probable cause. Rand Paul, again not to miss his “Boston Police Strike” has been on the news nearly 24/7.

He has been publicly lambasting the administration for their policy of collecting information on all Americans, just to have on hand to sift through if eventually needed for security reasons. This is much to the chagrin of John McCain and Lindsey Graham, establishment Republicans that oppose Rand Paul’s libertarian leaning philosophy that prioritizes liberty very highly, often at the expense of security.

Whatever your take on the issue, it is especially interesting because names like Glenn Beck and Michael Moore are in agreement (both concur with Rand Paul) while Dianne Feinstein and Karl Rove are together with the opposing position (supporting the seizure of phone/email records for security’s sake).

The bottom line, these situations have created an opportunity for Rand Paul to get out into the public conscience, and with an eye on 2016, he hasn’t missed a moment.

Nobody can deny he must be taking a serious look at a 2016 run for president. After explosive government growth over the last decade, will the GOP faithful be more open to him than they were his more extreme father? If I were making next president “Power Rankings” he’d be in my top three.

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