The Best of Tommy D – The Top Blog Posts From The Former Co-Blogger

If you’ve been following this blog from the start, you remember the days of Tommy D’s epic contributions. His growing interest in cinema led him to break away and start his own movie blog, and then become a contributor on The Artifice. In addition to moving away from this blog, he also moved to L.A. and in preparation for his triumphant Christmas return to normalcy North Carolina, I figured I’d give him some kudos on his past blog posts (and this absolutely has nothing to do with the recent deletion of some of his old posts).

He was the primary music writer on this blog, while I handled the political posts, and we both wrote on sports. As such, you’ll see three of what I consider to be his top posts are on music, while the other two are on sports. If you’re looking for some new tunes, I recommend you check out the music posts below. They contain links to all the songs on the albums he reviews. For some thoughtful baseball discussion, check on the two baseball posts.

So with the ever-present fear if I continue writing about him I’ll make his head too big (and that he’ll bash me with grammatical corrections) I’ll stop before this blog posts turns into one giant inside joke and move on to the list:

1.  Album Review: Disturbed – “Asylum”  – Easily the most popular blog post written by Tommy D, his “Asylum” album review has over 2,000 views and even two years after its publish date still holds the #2 spot for the most views in the history of this blog. I believe this is the most widely read article written by Tom, although I imagine his new articles on The Artifice are quite the hit. If you’d enjoy a in-depth look at an album by one of the biggest hard rock/metal bands of our time, this blog post is for you.

2.  Tampa Bay Doesn’t Deserve a Good Baseball Team – This very well may be my favorite blog post of his. It’s a great baseball piece that takes an unconventional view on the Tampa Bay Rays. Back in 2010 they clinched a playoff berth in front of an “embarrassing” home crowd of about 10,000. If the citizens of Tampa Bay won’t support the Rays, I tend to agree with the article’s title, Tampa Bay doesn’t deserve a good baseball team.

3.  I Am So Tired of the NYY Payroll Discussion – This 2010 blog post rips apart the fallacious argument that the New York Yankees should win the World Series every year due to their high payroll. Of course, by 2014, they may not even have the highest payroll.

4.  Album Review: Alter Bridge – AB III – A song-by-song breakdown of an Alter Bridge album, this is my favorite album that my former co-blogger reviewed. A great album deserved a great album review. This is another metal album, but they have a unique sound that is more accessible than that of most bands, and they do it while still being extremely complex

5.  Staind – A Review of The Band’s Self-Titled Album – One of the most detailed and well-written album reviews you’ll come across, this post debuted the ridiculous Tommy D rating scale of which I still claim credit. This was Tommy D’s final post on the blog and was considered a guest blog post.

I give these posts 4/4 “Tommy Ds.”

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