Pros and Cons of Mitt Romney Becoming the GOP Nominee

Today’s New Hampshire primary is historic. Mitt Romney’s win makes him the first non-incumbent Republican to win both Iowa and New Hampshire since Iowa became the kick-off state in the election cycle. (Update: Recount has shown that Rick Santorum actually edged Mitt Romney in Iowa) While that doesn’t mean he’s the nominee–Rick “Sweater Vest” Santorum, Ron Paul and to some extent Newt Gingrich still have a viable shot–but at this point you have to bet on Mitt Romney over the field.

With that being said, I’m not a Romney-hater searching for the best “anti-Romney,” nor am I a supporter of his. That gives me an open mind to evaluate the pros and cons of him as the GOP nominee. I may go back and add more later, but here’s what comes to mind. Please add pros and cons that you can think of in the comments. For every con try to add a pro and vice versa.




  • Mitt Romney has committed to cutting spending to 20% of GDP.
  • Government revenues are typically 18% of GDP meaning even if Mitt accomplishes this goal we’ll still be running a deficit. His ideas are not bold enough, and he’s rather moderate.


  • Mitt Romney‘s experience in the private sector is stellar. Some, including fellow Republicans Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry, have attacked his tenure at Bane Capital and called him a corporate raider. Romney has proven that he created a net job growth while there, thoroughly debunking that argument. Rick Santorum called the criticism unfounded last night on Fox News. Mitt did great work for Staples while working with Bane Capital and then worked with the Olympics. He really understands business at a level that President Obama simply does not and is much more qualified to handle the economy.


  • While his private sector experience is fantastic and his tenure as Massachusetts governor seems to have been quite successful, he lacks foreign policy experience. We haven’t heard him say much about foreign policy in speeches or debates either.


  • He has unequivocally stated conservative social values, yet hasn’t been viciously attacked and demonized by the media like someone with similar views such as Rick Santorum.


  • As much as he wants to say about his social views, it’s hard to believe they are strongly held convictions when they differ so wildly from what he said about his social views when running in the very liberal state of Massachusetts.
  • Mitt knows how to make political allies and get things done. His historic run through the first two primaries was aided by endorsements from conservative politicians in key states. He was able to work with liberal Democrats while serving as Governor in Massachusetts and is a better hope to end the partisan strife in Washington than any very liberal Democrat or very conservative Republican.
  • Romney has the strongest organization among the GOP nominees. He has the biggest war chest, the best advisers, and the strongest get-out-the-vote effort. These will be critical if the GOP nominee is to give President Obama a worthy challenge.
  • His aforementioned advantages over GOP rivals won’t stack up as advantages against Barack Obama and his powerful political machine. If Romney is winning the GOP nomination simply by outspending his rivals, having a stronger ground game, and crushing them with negative ads, what will he do when President Obama outspends him, has a stronger ground game, and runs more negative ads? Rely on $4.00 gas?

Feel free to share more in the comments and I may add them to the list. Thanks for reading.

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8 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Mitt Romney Becoming the GOP Nominee

  1. The rebublicans are making it very difficult to run a ” transparent administration” I am sick of all politicians. I am sick of the politicians thinking they know how hard it is for me and my family. You talk about poor people while you sit there and enjoy your $1200 Steak and Lobster dinner. Then you pay for it with your tax payer issued expense account. Now I have to hear how Mitt Romney made over $42 millions dollars. Doing what Tax the hell out of him most of his money came from captal gaines. Why the hell should his tax be 15% when mine is 35% WTF?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tanya.

    First of all, if your tax rate is 35% then you must be doing commendably well, so kudos. I also pay a 15% tax rate on capital gains. I’m only a student, so a higher tax rate there would absolutely scare me out of the market. Raising capital gains hurts everyone and benefits no one… unless of course you count spiting the wealthy as a benefit to others. Please check out this video of Barack Obama in a 2008 debate. Here he said he was willing to harm investors and the government for “fairness.”

    Mitt doesn’t pretend to know what it’s like to be poor. He grew up in a fairly wealthy family, then became a self-made multimillionaire. I applaud him. If he can go get a $1,200 dinner, then I say good for him. I’ve read article that say he’s actually quite cheap about his personal spending habits so he’d probably never do that, but nonetheless, I don’t see a problem with it.

    Raising his taxes would make both you and I poorer, because of the immense damage it would do to the economy. Obama knows he could never pass such a thing, he is simply speaking about it to divide the country and win the election. He seeks to paint the GOP as the big money party and the Dems as the party of the people.

  3. Hello, I am an Austrian student and in connection to my English lessons I heard many about the Republican candidate for the president.
    Next Thursday I´m going to write a test about the elections of the US. So can anybody tell me more about Mitt Romney, please? I have read so many articles about him, but it seems to me that every one has the same arguments for or against Romney.

    Thanks in advance!

    greetings from Austria.

    • Thank you for commenting. I’d love to give you some information that could help (if necessary via email, but preferably via comments). First I’d like to refer you to this video for a general understanding of the two prominent political philosophies at debate here in America. I think this gives it a pretty accurate overview.

      Mitt Romney has shown some inconsistency regarding social issues such as gay marriage and abortion. He has “flip flopped” on his gay rights stance from being pro-gay marriage to pro-traditional family. He was the governor of MA when the state government forced the Catholic church to stop doing adoptions because they wouldn’t place children in homosexual homes. Regarding abortion he had previously said it was the woman’s choice, as he basically had to say that to get elected in the very liberal state of Massachusetts, but when a bill came to his desk that would legalize the creation of human embryos specifically to destroy and study them he couldn’t in good conscious sign the bill, so he flip flopped only on words there, not in action.

      He is a former Mormon missionary so that indicates he is probably a fairly decent person. He did a two year mission trip helping others in Europe and his tax returns show millions of dollars worth on donations to charities. The main argument coming from President Obama against him is that he is rich and out of touch. Please give me any specific questions, I’d love to help as would some of my readers, some of who like and other who dislike Mitt Romney.

      • Wow, so many pieces of information.

        What i also wanted to know is what makes him different from other candidates, like Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich?

      • Ron Paul isn’t a true Republican. He is really a libertarian. Democrats believe in large government that redistributes wealth. Republicans believe in limited government that banns substances such as LSD and will go to war for America’s interests. Libertarian believe the government should be even smaller, almost never going to war unless initially attacked and allowing drugs, and social matters to go completely unchecked. He’s a little different in that respect. A quick YouTube search of Ron Paul Foreign Policy will show some major differences.

        Gingrich doesn’t really have a discernible differentiator. He’s from the south and he is Catholic which is more mainstream than Mormonism so he has tried to focus on Obama’s war on Christianity a little more than Romney can, but in end, he’s doesn’t have major policy differences. I think the biggest ones would be immigration, where he is willing to let illegals stay if they’ve been here for years upon years, and social issues. While Romney may have flip flopped a little on social issues, he’s always been an EXTREMELY upstanding citizen. Long happy marriage, children, charity, mission trips, great business…all around great dude. Newt hasn’t flop flopped but he’s had affairs and some nasty stuff.

  4. Oh. So Mitt Romney is the only serios candidate of the Republican? Has Romney any chances to win the elections? Or do you think that Obama becomes President a second time?

  5. The republicans had plenty of legitimate candidates, but all of them have been eliminated. Romney ran a strong campaign and defeated Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty and of course the two remaining candidates. Obama has a slight edge in getting re-elected, but it surely isn’t a lock. Obama is expected to run an extremely negative campaign. It’ll be interesting to see how America reacts. He’s recently done something a little shady as well. Check this out, it may be helpful:

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