Insider Traders Gone Wild: Capital Hill

On this beautiful Sunday waking up to a Clemson ACC title, I wanted to share something that I found interesting and startling going on in Washington. The whole Solyndra scandal, if you want to call it that, may have led to some other dirty dealings being uncovered.

It appears, although everyone is denying any wrongdoing, that Senator John Kerry and former Vice President Al Gore may have been involved in some dirty dirty insider trading–investing in companies and then helping them get federal grants and subsidies. Hopefully more digging is done, and we can get to bottom of this. I sincerely hope this wasn’t going on, however if it is I do hope they get nailed and all the back room deals, pork, and other unscrupulous dealings in D.C. can be curtailed.

Here’s a video from on John Kerry’s potential insider trading, and here’s one about Al Gore’s investment in a green company that received a $560,000,000 government subsidy. The latter cites the liberal New York Times you have to figure they wouldn’t throw Al Gore under the bus if there was a lot of doubt, but I’ll let you make up your own mind. Do you think dishonest moves are being made? I think it goes without saying that there are significant conflicts of interest involved and as is discussed by Sen. Scott Brown in the video clip above.

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