Why Did Obama Block The Canadian Oil Pipeline?

With all the talk about reducing our dependence on middle eastern oil, Obama made a decision that will without a doubt increase American fuel prices and dependence on our enemies’ oil. President Obama refused to allow our Canadian neighbors to build an oil pipeline through the American breadbasket to Texas where the oil could be refined and then distributed across the nation. The Keystone XL project, as it was dubbed, was expected to create 20,000 new jobs.

I can only conjure up two reasons that could have led to such a vexing decision. First and most likely, a big chunk of his liberal base is devised of environmentalists who protested in front of the White House on November 6th. One of those protesting to stop the pipeline was Julia Louis-Dreyfus, better known as Elaine from Seinfeld.

Obama has delayed a decision until after the 2012 election (I’m sure that’s a coincidence just like raising the debt ceiling to last until after the election). Canada has already said they won’t wait a year to start building the pipeline, as sitting on the oil would be a poor decision for their country (irrespective of their election cycle), and they’ll build the pipeline westward and sell it to China, if we won’t take it. Delaying (in effect rejecting) the pipeline may help him get re-elected.

The only other reason I can imagine Obama rejected the pipeline is that he wants to push our economy to invest in “green” energy. He’s already invested taxpayer money into plenty of “green” companies that operate in the red. High fuel prices would increase the incentive to invest in green energy, and make those companies more worthwhile.

Here’s more on the story. I just don’t understand this one. Can someone help me understand this?

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10 thoughts on “Why Did Obama Block The Canadian Oil Pipeline?

  1. Don’t you think the residents of Nebraska should have the most influence on this pipeline decision? They don’t want it in their back yard.

    • That’s fair. If the opposition was coming from Reps of those states I could understand, but it’s coming from Hollywood types like Julia Louis-Dreyfus who think somehow all of our cars are going to start running on hope and change. Little do they know, but this “toxic oil” which is as much as 5% dirtier than most oil will be shipped all the way to China, (think of all the energy that will take) where no environmental concerns are weighed and it will be burnt dirtier than we’d every allow it.

  2. What a fantastic article! Thanks for sharing Tom. It does seem to largely agree with my argument. The pipeline will help America’s interests aside from the environment, and the tar sands will be used either way, just this way they come to us instead of having to burn the gas a tanker uses to bring it to China.

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