Why Foreign Affairs Should Be A Bigger Part of This Election

With the economy still in tatters, the 2012 election has been laser focused on how candidates plan on fixing it. While nobody would argue that this shouldn’t be a critical point in the upcoming election, something arguably more important was been overlooked.

After the recent Iranian sponsored assasination attempt of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to America, foreign policy could jump to the forefront, and rightfully so. After years and months of seemingly worthless sanctions that were too soft to stop GE from doing business with Iran, the situation in Persia is getting scary.

John Huntsman has already demonstrated his willingness to be decisive and stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, something we’ll never see from Obama.

“I cannot live with a nuclear-armed Iran. If you want an example of when
I would use American force, it would be that,” Huntsman says.

Who of the prospective candidates do you trust the most with foreign affairs? Cain and Romney have positioned themselves on their economic knowledge and experience. The moderate Huntsman has come out with a bold and decisive stand. Rick Santorum has carved out his niche as the social conservative with the toughest stance on issues like this. Ron Paul said Iran can have a nuke if they want, while Bachman said she would do whatever she could to prevent it from happening. Who do you think stands to gain the most if this issue grows as the campaigns continue?

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5 thoughts on “Why Foreign Affairs Should Be A Bigger Part of This Election

  1. I see you’re sticking with the premise that this plot was true, right or wrong, at least you’re consistent.

    As far as who has the most to gain if this becomes an issue is a moot point because it won’t become an issue. The candidates, other than Ron Paul, are good at playing the political game, they divert our attention from the real issues of the day.

    How many times can you listen to Cain’s 9-9-9 plan before you start vomiting? Cain has no foreign policy plan whatsoever and Romney is focused on a trade war with China. Ron Paul is correct when he states that Iran is a long way from developing a nuclear weapon but let’s keep hyping that they have one and intend to use it on us until we convince enough people to justify attacking.

    Everyone knows Iran is a bad apple but that’s not enough for us to start WWIII and again I support Ron Paul’s stance that they aren’t capable of attacking us at this point and Constitutionally, we should only use our military to defend ourselves. I’ll even go a step further in my support of Ron Paul, who/what gives us the right to decided which nations can/cannot have a nuclear weapon. I’d like to see what would happen if the world tells us we can’t have one.

    The rest of the candidates are a non issue except Gingrich and he supports attacking Iran citing that since Bush put Iran and North Korea on his “Axis of Evil” list then we should have continued to follow thru with annihilating them also. Bush had it wrong, we should have covertly taken out those responsible for 9-11 instead of engaging in wars against nations.

    I agree sanctions don’t work, we just need to ignore those countries that can’t do us any immediate harm like North Korea and Iran and by ignoring I mean, forget sanctions, forget talking to them, sit back and wait and watch. We have enough intelligence that we’ll know when they are going to act and then take them out. Neither one of them on their own can take us out. The big issue with attacking Iran is Russia and probably China will get into the mix and then we have real problems.

    Do you really want WWIII to happen before it might be necessary?

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