Mitt Romney Big Winner in 9/12 CNN Tea Party Debate

A few notable things came of the September 12th CNN debate sponsored by the local Tea Party organization.

  1. Ron Paul’s campaign essentially came to an end when Rick Santorum highlighted a blog post on Ron Paul’s website that essentially said it was largely America’s fault for our involvement in the Middle East. Ron Paul didn’t back down from the post on his website and was promptly booed. That’ll probably be it for him.
  2. Michele Bachmann was much more aggressive. She attacked Rick Perry multiple on multiple points, but most harshly on a mandate that Gov. Rick Perry enacted in Texas requiring young girls to be vaccinated for HPV, a STD that leads to cervical cancer. She tied the issue to Obamacare and big government. She even pointed out possible political dishonesty from the Perry administration in Texas. Perry denied any dishonesty, but admitted some fault in the policy itself.
  3. Mitt Romney was a big winner with all the attacks focused on Rick Perry. Rick Santorum also did well, but has a lot of ground to make up. Mitt and Bachmann could move up slightly in the polls. Ron Paul probably won’t move much, but no longer has any chance to gain ground outside of his base.

12 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Big Winner in 9/12 CNN Tea Party Debate

  1. Ron Paul’s campaign came to an end tonight? Maybe you should tell that to the poll takers. I’ve already seen four polls where Paul was declared tonight’s winner with more than 95 % of the vote! And you are complaining because he “didn’t back down from the post on his website?” Yeah, I guess I can understand that the average American is much more use to politicians spoon feeding them the bs they WANT to hear, rather than actually telling them what they REALLY believe. But, hey if you’re okay with the government lying to your face and then doing the direct opposite, then by all means, vote for Mitt Romney . . . he is real good at changing his decisions on a daily basis.

  2. If America wants to be naive and continue to be brainwashed by our general politicians, they will come crumbling down just as hard when the terrorists attack them. The terrorists won before, and they’ll keep on winning if America truly believes they are just after our freedom. We are after their freedom, that’s why we were attacked. We attacked them.

  3. No candidate who asserts America is culpable in anyway for the evil of 9/11 will be the POTUS. I’m no fan of us being the world police, but to say we attacked them or in anyway brought this upon ourselves is sick and wrong.

    • Actually, Ron Paul was quoting what the attackers themselves said were their motives, not his own beliefs behind their motives. It doesn’t matter if you say it was our meddling in their business, our Christian foundations, or our Freedom which initiated the attacks , you are still saying that something WE did or stood for made them want to attack us. And Ron Paul is right, if it were the other way around, if China came into our country and started making bases and telling us how to run our country you know we’d attack them in a minute. My point is that Ron Paul has always stood behind every decision he has made in Congress and has always backed the Constitution. He does not “change his mind” just to win votes and I honestly don’t think you can say that about any other candidate on that stage tonight.

  4. Brian, I could not disagree with you any more strongly. Should America stop being the world police, YES. E.g., should we put troops in Libya? NO!
    Did we attack them first? Are we after their freedom? Heck no! Radical muslims were on the news today chanting “Down Down USA!” and “To Hell with Freedom!” I think Rick Perry would call your statements “treasonous.”

  5. You were right when you stated “Ron Paul didn’t back down from the post”. That’s the kind of president I want! I agree with Dr. Paul. If a country came into America and continually bombed us, I would want to retaliate too. Does that mean I don’t care about the victims of 9/11? Of course not! But we must stop making enemies out there or the fighting will never, ever end.

    Most of Ron’s ideas are becoming increasingly popular also. Have you noticed the other candidates starting to parrot Dr. Paul’s ideas in their responses? The problem for them is that they don’t have the voting record Ron Paul does. If anyone does any research at all, they will find that Dr. Paul is the ONLY candidate that has proven he will not back down, that he will fight for people’s liberty. An end to his campaign? Oh no! This is just the beginning!

  6. Nicole, I repect Ron Paul because he stands by his beliefs and doesn’t waver. I strongly disagree though. If China were to build bases in our country our citizens would not murder 2,000 of their non-military citizens. To assert that is absolutely wrong. Countries in the Mid East didn’t formally attack us. Their citizens were filled with so much hate they were willing to die to kill 2,000 Americans. They attacked innocent people. I believe America is a great country and our citizens in large are quality people who are not filled with that kind of hate. Strongly disagree. Strongly appreciate the comments though.

    • I understand what you are saying, and no I don’t think we (as in the American people, excluding any form of government) would attack innocent people. You are also right that countries did not attack us, but civilians from those countries.ALL of their citizens were not filled with hate, only a select few ( a select few, most of which were trained by our government, not their own). Do I think we have citizens in this country capable of the same hate, of course I do; just watch the news. . . we kill each other all the time. We need to focus on our own problems before we go out trying to fix the worlds. Unfortunately, innocent people always die in the midst of war. Do you think American soldiers have not killed any innocent people while in the Middle East? Now, I’m not bashing our military or saying that it was intentional, but it is just part of the process, it is going to happen (and please do not think I’m am comparing that with the events of 9/11, because I see the two are clearly different and do not wish to come across as if I am saying the two are the same.) What happened on 9/11 was obviously a horrible tragedy for our country, and what is happening in the Middle East right now is a horrible tragedy for the people of those countries. Is it infallible to believe that the citizens of those countries see us as evil, hateful people? We sure have no problem seeing them that way.

      We clearly are not going to agree on this, as you seem to be a Romney supporter and I am a clearly a Paul supporter. I just think our Government’s job and responsibility should be to concentrate more on its PEOPLE and less on the rest of the world. I do however, appreciate your respectful and thoughtful responses.

      • I actually like Ron Paul. He knows his economics, but I think that statement was sick and wrong. The mere ubiquity of our culture merits war to these people. It’s not our fault.
        I do agree that we should focus on our own people though. I do agree that the government is too big. Ron Paul’s son, Rand, is great. He has a lot of the same ideals as Ron without being so over-the-top.
        I actually am pleased with our candidate pool. I have a slight preference towards Mitt vs. Perry, but would be pleased with either. My real favorite is Rick Santorum.

  7. After hearing some sound bites from the debate on social security, I’m not quite ready to say I like Mitt Romney more than Perry. I think Mitt would defeat Obama. I’m not so confident in Perry, but I agree with him on the whole Ponzi scheme bit.

  8. Hmmm…Bachman did a great job nailing Perry on the HPV vaccinations in Texas. Perry really was wrong on that one. Bachman proved she was hte more conservative of the two tonight. I think my preferences at the moment go:
    1. Santorum/Gingrich
    3. Romney
    4. Bachman/Perry

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