Why Does Obama Detest Israel?

I don’t think I’m pulling an Uncle Leo when I say Obama doesn’t support Israel at all! You’ve probably heard that President Obama has visions of a peaceful Middle East centered around Israel giving their Palestinian adversaries a significant chunk of land and moving back to their 1967 borders. Maybe concession and unrealistic optimism are cornerstones of his foreign policy.

It’s not as if things were peaceful with those borders in 1967 when PLO guerrilla activity (aka Terrorism), the closing of the Suez Canal, and the movement of Iraqi and Egyptian troops sparked the Six Day War. It was that war that led to Israel taking Palestinian land as a security buffer.

It wasn’t that long ago that terrorists in Lebanon were firing missiles into the northern Israeli city of Haifa. When Israel responded with military action many said they overreacted. Really? Terrorists attack and you want them to respond with restraint?

It boggles my mind that Obama views the Palestinians, a group highly (and accurately) associated with vicious terrorist groups, Hamas and the PLO, as a reasonable group that can be negotiated with in good faith. This goes back to the debate during the 2008 election when Obama said he was willing to negotiate with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told Obama that “peace based on illusions” will fail quickly, and he couldn’t be more right. When powerful people in the Middle East like Ahmadinejad deny the holocaust and dedicate their country to destroying the “Great Satan” (USA) and the “Little Satan” (Israel), Israel can’t realistically expect peace, and they certainly can’t give away land for it. Let’s remember that fighting between Israel neighbors started way back in the times of the old testament and the diaspora, where the Jewish people were scattered, is chronicled in the book of Ezekiel of the Old Testament.

As long as the education system in the Arab world teaches intolerance to their children, as long as hatred triumphs love, as long as killing one’s self in order to harm others is glorified, as long as blame overshadows accountability (maybe the protests in the region are a sign that this pillar of evil is crumbling) there will never be lasting peace in the Middle East. Obama is extremely naive if he truly believes otherwise. GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney said it best when he said Obama “threw Israel under the bus.”

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4 thoughts on “Why Does Obama Detest Israel?

  1. This was the worst thing I’ve ever seen from a US president. This is just concrete bad shit, forget the debatable bad decisions Bush and Clinton made, I don’t think you can debate this if you care about peace and liberty in the world at all.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Obama’s ratings have jumped since the Osama assassination, but this is a big blunder, and it says a lot about how he views that region. I wonder how much it will affect the Jewish vote.

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