The Real Problem with LeBron James

Gordon is Grumbling

Alright sports fans, let’s get something straight. There are a lot of reasons to be angry with LeBron James this offseason, but going to Miami isn’t one of them. Sure, we’re all a little angry that he went the way of D-Wade and Chris Bosh because our favorite teams now have a lesser chance of winning a championship this year, but as fans, we’re missing the concept of free agency (emphasis on the word free). He had the choice to go anywhere he wanted, and he did. Do we really want to go back to the days where an organization owned a player’s soul until they were used up or they didn’t want them anymore? No, what we should be mad was that hour-long disaster that was aired on ESPN called “The Decision,” more like “An Hour of Padding an Over-sized Ego.”

This whole situation was played out over two years, and it quickly turned into the Brett Favre saga. We all knew that he wasn’t going to stay in Cleveland when his current contract expired, as he was already making excuses as to why he might leave, but he wanted us to believe that he was staying. “I don’t have enough talent around me.” How many times have we heard that over the past couple of years? If you’re going to tell us that Antawn Jamison, Shaq, Mo Williams, Delonte West, Zydrunas Illgauskis and J.J. Hickson aren’t enough talent, I don’t think you have much of a mind for the game. As a lifelong Sixers fan, those names make my mouth water. Heck, if you don’t want them, there are about 25 other teams that will take that supporting cast in a heartbeat. That’s why it really irked me and the rest of America when we heard James say that he made his decision that morning.

You want to know why everybody is angry with you LeBron? It’s because you’re talking to us like we’re stupid. Don’t peddle us a bunch of crap about how hard of a decision this was for you when you had your bags packed for South Beach ten months ago. As much as I respect D-Wade and Chris Bosh, some of the blame about this free agency disaster falls on them as well. When Bosh and Wade hired camera men to film them during their offseason meetings with other interested teams, they had to fake interest in teams like Chicago, New York and New Jersey to make the process of free agency look interesting. After all, a documentary isn’t going to be very interesting if it’s a five-minute film of a players face saying “I have chosen to play for the Miami Heat.”

The real victims here are the Bulls, Knicks, and Nets. They were duped by three players faking interest in their clubs to make the free agent process seem more interesting. So sports fans, don’t be mad that these three players are playing together in Miami, be angry with them because they showed zero respect for the average basketball fan by treating us like mindless idiots in dragging us through months and months of pure crap, when they knew what they were doing all along.

We’ve seen LeBron disrespect the game on the court, and congratulations LeBron! You just disrespected the game off the court as well. As good as you think you are, (and from his pompous actions he thinks he’s the greatest player in the history of the universe) you’ve got a lot to learn about the game, and about respect.


5 thoughts on “The Real Problem with LeBron James

  1. come on man, the cavs have no talent, if the names delonte west, shaq, antwan jamison get your taste buds fired up, you might want to put the down the bottle, those players are garbage and cleveland is a lottery team now

  2. Well duh Kyle. Take the best player away from most teams and they usually become a lottery team. Brilliant insight. But Kobe seems to make it work without much talent around him. Pau Gasol aside and whats left? The candy man, Fisher, and a bunch of European D-Leaguers. Great players make the players around them better. LeBron sure as hell didn’t do that. In fact, he seemed to make the players around him perform at a much lower level.

  3. Kobe had a better supporting group and a much better coach than LeBron. That said Kobe knows how to win, LeBron knows how to get ESPN to like him.

    • I agree that Kobe has a MUCH better coach, but is his supporting cast REALLY that much better?? I don’t necessarily think that it’s head and shoulders above the Cavs. Granted he has Pau Gasol who is a stud, but Bynum is injury plagued and very inconsistent, Ron Artest was a HUGE dissappointment this year, Lamar Odom only shows up on unique occasions (hell, if I was married to Khloe Kardashian I wouldn’t want to show up to work either), and the rest of the supporting cast just isn’t very appealing to me. I think that their bench is just absolutely horendous. That being said, players like Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol make those average/below average bench players into above average players with their unique style of play. WHICH IS WHAT GOOD PLAYERS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO! (I put that in caps so it will catch LeBron’s attention while he is looking in the mirror at himself).

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