How Republicans Will Save Obama

First, let me reference my last post and admit that I did have FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” on TV tonight. It was without a shred of doubt, the most painfully bad television program I have ever seen in my entire life. For the five minutes that Black Gold played “Shine” I must have been in the bathroom because I missed it. It was 120 minutes I will never get back. Brutal! If you still haven’t heard “Shine” you need to listen to it.

Now, onto the main topic of the post. With mid-term elections less than three months away, realistic predictions and worth while polls are starting to come in.  While Republicans are a lock to cut into the the Democrats’ comfy 255-178 majority in the house and their 56-41 majority in the Senate, it is still to be seen if they’ll win a majority in either.

They are unlikely to win a majority in the Senate, but it is quite likely they’ll take back the House of Representatives. If that’s the case, I think it actually helps Obama’s chances of winning re-election in 2012. He has blamed Bush for his shortcomings in the first two years. As that is wearing out, I can already hear his new plan to avoid responsibility.

If the Republicans come into office, and the economy picks up he’ll take all the credit. If things get worse or don’t recover, he’ll say the Republicans blocked all of his brillant plans to fix things so it is their fault.

Can you hear it now?

4 thoughts on “How Republicans Will Save Obama

  1. It’s clear that Republicans will take back The House. With 90 seats in lean Republican or “toss-up” category it’s a matter of how big the GOP majority will be not if they get the majority. The Senate is also in play Republicans are leading or it’s tied in Pennsylvania, California, Washington State, Illinois, Delaware, Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, Indiana and we will win in South Dakota. That would make it a 51 to 49 majority for the Republicans. No doubt we will take The House the Senate will be a taller order but I think we will take it as well.

    When the Republicans have the majority, Obama will not be able to blame everything on the Republicans for the remainder of this term. People see that Obama’s economic policies are disastrous and will remember that the economy was in terrible shape before the GOP took over and will be happy that they limited Obama’s power by electing the opposing party to power in Congress. Obama will try to blame the GOP,but it will back fire b/c people know better and will be happy that the Republicans will be in power, limiting Obama’s power. Also people still hold the president accountable for what he does no matter who has the majority in Congress. People still unfairly blamed President Bush for everything even after the democrats took over Congress in 2006. And the two years later the dems increased theirs majorities in Congress and won the White House, sadly.

    So after we win the majorities in Congress it will help us win back The White House in 2012.

    So I don’t agree with you that it will not help Obama.

  2. Interesting take, I hope you’re right. I think an stronger economy would help Obama and I think Repubicans in office could help the economy. In what respect do you think winning the house will help Republicans win the White House in 2012?
    Hannity is so rude and angry about this Mosque near ground zero it is pretty funny.

  3. you know what I hear? a bunch of republicans complaining about being in debt when they chose to spend trillions of dollars on a war looking for nonexistent weapons of mass destruction … Operation Bush/Rumsfeld world oil takeover isn’t doing so hot … unfairly blaming bush? please put down the crackpipe

    • Kyle…we understand the complaints against Bush and while some of them are valid, we are just tired of hearing a “forward-looking” administration repeatedly use Bush as a scapegoat.

      In 2008 Bush was a reliable and oft times justified scape goat that even a lot of republicans blamed for the state of affairs…2 years of “Hope and Change”, while not failures, have been a disappointment AND the administration continues to use the previous presidency as the fulcrum of its critiques and defense against criticism.

      I guess I’m just tired of hearing, and we will probably hear it more if Ryan is correct as I think he will be, second grade excuses used my our commander in chief. When I left East Park Elementary school…I also tried to leave behind the name calling and overt blaming of others/the past for my current problems…

      Obama could do well to listen to Jay Z’s classic hit “99 Problems”…because Obama has 99 problems and a bitch (previous presidency) is not one…

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