Endorsements Right and Right

I’m a Georgia citizen so I was able to vote in the Republican primary/run-off which included an extremely close Gubernatorial race. Karen Handel had the most votes in the primary, but not enough to avoid a run-off with second place vote getter Nathan Deal.

Karen Handel conceded today, losing by less than 1%, a mere 2431 votes, to Nathan Deal in a run-off election. So the race for Governor in Georgia will be between Republican Nathan Deal and Democrat Roy Barnes who served a term as Governor before Sonny Perdue. I’m not a fan of either candidate. Barnes would love nothing more than to increase the size of the already bloated and overgrown government, and there is reason to believe Nathan Deal is not the most honest politician around. Also, for as conservative as Deal has painted himself, he entered politics and a Democrat.

The national story out of this is that Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney endorsed Karen Handel while Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee endorsed Nathan Deal. It appears that Palin, Romney, Gingrich, and Huckabee will be the four big names in the GOP Presidential primary when that race comes along in two years.

If that’s the case I’m not to thrilled about the Republican candidates. While Gingrich is extremely smart and understands the economy in a way that Obama can not grasp, he comes across as cold and stale and I don’t know if he could beat Obama in a debate, even if he was right on the issues. Gingrich is also a Washington insider which I think everyone is sick of.

Palin has been making waves, but with the way the media crushes her I am not sure how well should would do in a race against Obama. She has a lot of energy and spunk, but she doesn’t have the experience I’d like in a presidential candidate.

Romney seems very shady to me. He’ll say anything for a vote. I was a supporter of his 2008 primary run until I heard him say in a debate that we need to cut spending and be more fiscally responsible, and then less than a minute later say we need to spend more money on NASA.

Huckabee is fine, but he just doesn’t do much for me. He’s not a Washington insider, but I don’t know if he understands the economy like Gingrich and Romney do.

Do you see any other Republican candidates exploding onto the scene? Bobby Jindal from Louisiana?

We’re finally going to have some music related posts. My first one will be about emotion in music and I have two great songs to share. I have to let Tommy do the first music related post. His feelings will be hurt otherwise.

5 thoughts on “Endorsements Right and Right

  1. You make good points about Gingrich, he’s a Washington insider and he likes to play nice with the democrats when it helps him. There are a lot of things I like about him like being a great Speaker of The House. But he’s not presidential material.

    Don’t go by what the media says about Gov.Palin. She can handle the media and has shown this. Most people don’t even trust what the media says and she should not be written off simply b/c the media gives her a hard time, the media should not decide who should run or not.
    I’m sick of those saying “she does not have the experience”. Of course she has the experience, she was a Mayor and a Governor, like most Presidents where, and she made plenty difficult decisions as Governor of Alaska like standing up to big oil and going against the “good old boy system” in Alaska, which includes that state’s GOP. She has more experience then Obama had and has done more then many of the other candidates. We really need someone like her in D.C. who’s willing to stand up to politics as usual.
    Some just want to doubt her b/c she’s a woman and from small town American which is arrogant and unfair. She’s my pick for President she will give it to Obama.

    Romney, he would be my second pick. He never said we should cut defense spending but govn’t programs and he’s still standing up for theses conservative values. He’s strong on defense and economic issues, social as well. Gov.Palin’s my first pick, but if she does not run I’ll go for Romney again like I did in ‘08.

    Huckabee, I like him as well. But he’s definitely not my first or second pick. He’s great on social issues but weak on economic and not strong on defense issues as well and plays with the dems too much. He would be a weak candidate.

    On Deal, I like him, I liked Karen more of course, but Deal is a strong conservative and would make a good Governor. Just b/c he was a dem does not mean he’s not a real Republican now, what matters is he’s a Republican.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I agree with what you said about the media. It’s wrong to let the media dictate anything.
    I actually like Gingrich best of the candidates above. I think he knows the most about the economy and would push for the most effective policies.
    I’m shocked Deal beat Handel. I hope he can beat Barnes. Barnes is running a strong campaign.
    Please share this new blog with your political friends.

    • I think Gov.Palin has the most effective policies and has the best ideas on the economy, she was a small business owner.
      I’ll share this with my friends. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. I really don’t think the candidate for the GOP has emerged yet, presidential candidates usually come out of nowhere when their party is not in power. Obama was not considered a prime candidate for nomination until nine months before the election. Romney is not a true Republican, he signed into law a universal health care system in Mass which is now failing, miserably. He also taxed the hell out of business and raised the gas tax. Huckabee is now a tv personality, he won’t be running for president. Palin is a decent candidate but she could never present herself well enough to beat the Obama machine unless the economy really hits the shitter. As for Gingrich, he’s a good guy, his shutting down of the US government and saying it was over Clinton being rude on Air Force One could come back to haunt him.

  4. I sure hope the GOP candidate hasn’t already emerged. I don’t think Palin could knock off Obama. Gingrich is probably my favorite out of the current four. We’ll see what develops.

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